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Solar Inverters

Solar Inverters are one of the very important necessities for your Solar Power System!

How Do They Work?

The Inverter converts the power produced from the Solar Panels, from DC power into useable AC power.

There are various types of Off-GridGrid-Tied, and Hybrid Inverter systems.

Here are the general functions that a Grid-Tied / Hybrid String options typically perform:

  • Synchronise to the grid
  • Disconnect if the grid goes down
  • Use an alternative power source (solar, battery or wind)
  • Detect if any power sources are depleted and switch to another
  • Monitor power usage
  • All solar powered systems require a solar inverter to operate AC powered equipment and appliances. A solar inverter is a device that converts direct current (DC) generated by solar panels or other alternative sources, into alternating current (AC) for use in industrial, commercial and residential use. Remember too that you need to differentiate between pure and modified Sinewave Inverters – Anything that has a screen e.g. TV, PC etc. needs to be run on a pure Sinewave inverter; modified inverters are simply used for lights, kitchen appliances etc.
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